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7. (7 November)

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Deacon Galahad knelt on the cold tiles, praying with all his being for guidance on the path to becoming a shepherd of God's people.

Pure of heart and body, Galahad wanted nothing more than to be ordained and have his own flock.

His calling had come as a child, after learning his mum wasn't actually his birth mother, and dad wasn't actually his birth father, that he'd been adopted as a newborn.

His angst grew as he discovered he'd been given away by a teenage mother, embarrassed that her affair with a police cadet had resulted in pregnancy for her, and shame for her devout Irish Catholic parents.

Galahad couldn't understand the lack of love shown to him, searching throughout his childhood for something better, purer, absolute love.

He'd found that love in Christ, and, despite the conflict felt about his treatment at the hands of his supposedly religious birth family, turned his back on affairs of the world, and threw himself wholeheartedly into the loving arms of his true Father.

The Lord would never reject him, loved all His children, unconditionally, forever and ever, amen!

So it was, in the wee small hours of a Saturday morning, he found himself in a cold seminary room, being spoken to by God, and given His direction.

Galahad was truly loved, his purity and kindness was valued. Gifts to be cherished, gifts to be shared.

There were unfortunates in this world, people who had much worse problems than he would ever know.

Go forth into the world, Galahad, make a difference to the lives of those who live in pain and confusion. Work with them, follow the one true King, bring them into the Light.

Galahad finished his prayers, filled with hope and determined he would indeed make a difference.

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7. (7 November)

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