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5. (5 November)

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The rain painted the views across the River Dee in shades of grey. Real cats and dogs weather. Absolutely bucketing down, as his mum used to say.

The grey did nothing to dampen his mood as he pulled the police car into the driveway of Lake House.

Ten years now, (wow, ten years!) he'd been visiting, trying (ostensibly - and certainly officially) to close the case of John Doe. And what a strange case it was!

'Control, Charlie Oscar 21'

'Go ahead, Lance'

'Thanks Viv, show us 05 at Lake House please Offs?'

'Charlie Oscar 21, status 05, engaged enquiries, received, say hello to the Man in the Mountain from me, eh….oh...and that nurse of yours too! Control out.'

Sergeant Hallot smiled at the radio, Jeez, was nothing bloody private?

The real reason for his dedicated attention to such a cold case, no matter how strange, was obviously public bloody knowledge!

Lightning flashed over the Welsh hills, thunder rumbled seconds later, and the rain, almost impossibly, came down even harder, just like that fateful night ten years earlier.

As a young Constable, Lance had responded to an emergency call. Helsby Hill loomed, pitch against the battering rain, lightning outlining the sleeping giant - a promontory which gave the illusion of a giant laying on his back against the Hill - thunder making him shout to the security guard who'd rang 999.

'Over there, mate, bloody nutter walking the Hill in this… and like that too!'

The guy pointed to the shivering wreck of a man, standing in the middle of the roadway, rain bouncing off his shaggy, bearded head, mud streaking down his almost naked body.

Lance shook his head as he realized the guy was wearing only a strip of cloth wrapped around his groin like a soggy homemade nappy!

'Been there for half an hour mate, cars swerving around the loon, just keeps jabbering on about why he's been woken up. Total nutcase if you ask me!'

Constable Hallot thanked him for his assistance, grabbed his Hi-Viz, and sloshed across the road.

'Oh, and just so you know, Officer, he says he's King bloody Arthur!'

Lance Hallot waved his already soaking arm in unconvincing thanks - it was going to be a long, weird night shift.

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5. (5 November)

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