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2. (2 November) Ten years from tonight

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2. Ten years from tonight.

'PRN for 14, please Gwen, he's at it again, I'll try and calm him down before he goes off on one?'

The young RMN keyed open the cabinets at the rear of the dispensary, expertly plucking the medication from the shelves, muscle memory guiding her fingers, almost without her looking, after years of medicinal admin.

She dutifully checked the label, cross referenced the drugs with her charts, carefully marking the clozaril dosage and time. She squiggled her name and the reason for PRN, content that the Senior Psychiatrist would review the patient in the morning.

'There you go Andy, give the poor love these, it's clozapine, so check he's swallowed, eh? You know what he's like when….'

She caught the momentary look of indignation on the Support Worker's face,

'Well, I know you always do things right, but he's a bugger at times! Don't want another night shift like last month! So, just make sure, for my peace of mind, please?'

'Always do, Gwen, love, always do!' He signed for the tablets and smiled at the nurse, 'I'm off in half an hour, you need anything before lockdown?'

'If he's quiet, I'd kill for a cuppa!'

'I shall make haste to the King, my Lady, and thence pop the kettle on in Ye Olde Nurses Station for thee!'

'Tell you what, good sire, you make the tea, I'll give these to the king?'

Andy waited whilst the dispensary was locked, the alarm set, and Gwen emerged, holding the small cardboard cup containing the tablets.

Andy bowed theatrically as she passed, 'There mayhaps be a choccy biccy awaiting thee too!'

'Go put the bloody kettle on and stop being a prat!' Gwen smiled.

Andy curtsied and watched her walking down the corridor to Room 14.

'Forsooks, the Lady has one fine looking… '

The sentence was interrupted as the panic alarms sounded. A red light flashing down the corridor. Andy didn't have to check one of the small display panels set into the walls every 50 ft, he knew with sickening certainty, the alarm had been pulled in Room 14.

2. (2 November) Ten years from tonight

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Post Editor

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