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1. (1 November): Tonight

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"But Arthur's grave is nowhere seen, whence antiquity of fables still claims that he will return."

William of Malmesbury 1125

1. Tonight.

It had rained for forty days and forty nights. (Very biblical, but that's not where this story leads.)

The Kingdom was in crisis, political upheaval, civil unrest, the very country on the verge of splitting into opposing tribes.

The peace that had lasted a lifetime became increasingly fragile, as neighbour turned on neighbour, the foreign and different were preyed upon in the streets. Acts of unspeakable violence became commonplace.

And then a great plague came upon the lands, some said divine punishment, some called it an act of war, more tension and division.

Was this the End of Days?

(maybe so, but that too, is not where this story is going!)

Torrents of rain battered the hill at Helsby, mud slid down the promontory that looked, (from certain stretches along the M56), like a giant, asleep on the hillside.

The rain battered down, disturbing the hill, seeking cracks, flushing away vegetation and old beer cans onto the Frodsham Road to Chester.

Something deep beneath the hill stirred as lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. Something ancient disturbed by the deluge.

Fred Jones squinted against the rain as he performed his security rounds, shaking hands with door knobs, checking gates, casting a well practiced eye over his nighttime domain - though why any self respecting thief or vandal would be out on such a night was beyond him. Still, he had a job to do and do it he would.

More likely to bump into Noah (nope, already said that's not where we're heading) than a burglar in this bloody weather. No one would be out tonight!

As though to prove him wrong, a car horn sounded, and he saw the headlights flash bright, momentarily illuminating what looked like a naked man, before the car swerved, and with a final indignant beep, was gone.

Fred splashed into the roadway, torch beam reflecting off horizontal rain.

Lightning again.

Six feet away, standing in the center of the road, naked but for some kind of loin cloth, stood a man. Dripping mud and looking puzzled.

'You okay mate?' Fred shouted against the rain and rumbling thunder, another car beeped and swerved around them.

'You're gonna get bloody killed standing there bud, let's get you somewhere safer eh?'

The man remained still, rain dripping from his long hair and beard, he held his hands out to the sides, as though feeling the rain for the first time, lightning flashed, giving Fred a closer look. This loon looked just like a soaking wet Christ! (No, still not where this tale is going!)

Piercing eyes looked at the Security Guard, the Christ-like figure asked a question, but the thunder took his words away.

Fred moved closer, the man grabbed his fluorescent jacket in a surprisingly firm grip.

'Hey, mate, how about bloody social distancing!'

The man looked blank, 'So shall distan…?'

His question was lost as another car beeped furiously at the pair.

'What manner of foul creatures now roam the land?'

Fred was puzzled, the man pointed down the road to the motorway in the distance,

'The river of light swarms with them! Tell me good fellow, be they dragons? Is this why my slumber has been disturbed? '

'Look mate, that's the M56, the motorway? Cars? Trucks? No dragons in Cheshire mate, jeez, who do you think you are, bloody Saint George?'

'I know not of this wounded George, nor of cars and trucks, I ask thee again, why have I been awakened?'

'Mate, I don't care if you're Rip Van bloody Winkle, get off the road or I'm calling the Old Bill!'

Anger flashed like lightning in the man's eyes, he pushed Fred away,

'Summon this ag'd William, mayhap this Bill will answer his King, I tire of you dolt! Be gone!'

'Right, I'm calling 999, you get yourself run over, king now is it? You're a bloody nutter, mate!'

'Summon William. Let him know Arthur, son of Uther Pendragon, King of all Britons, has returned!'

(And that, my friends, is exactly where this tale is going!)

1. (1 November): Tonight

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Caiman raptor elk - Escaping the Array

This reminds me of earlier discussions of what would happen if Jesus would return to this world nowadays. I am eager to see where this will go.

1. (1 November): Tonight

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Tavaron da Quirm - Arts Editor

smiley - cool This sounds very interesting.
I must say the guard in that weather gave me kind of an image of Commander Vimes at first.smiley - laugh

1. (1 November): Tonight

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Caiman raptor elk - Escaping the Array

I concur (about Vimes)

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