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Hoodies have no breast pockets

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Caiman raptor elk - Escaping the Array

There may be a kangaroo belly pocket to warm hands though, or hide a phone, some snacks or a soft toy shark. Why would you need a pen if you can type notes on your laptop? (I keep trying to include some handwriting excercise in the homework of my kids, to no avail. Their handwriting is appalling).

I lived through the general computerisation of education, where engineering moved from the drawing board to drawing 2D on CAD-workstations, to 3D solid modeling. Notes were still made on paper though. Laptops were still concrete slabs with as much memory. (I taught myself to write my notes left-handed and peel oranges with one hand when I sprained my right wrist at some point).

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Hoodies have no breast pockets

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