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Hi Tavaron,

My youngest son is seven as well, so I can relate to a lot of your story. We had the luck that my wife is training to be a teacher, so during lockdown she had a small bubble class of four kids (one of us and four of his close friends) for home schooling three days a week, so that the other parents could work from home in peace and quiet. (I think those four boys were ahead of schedule at the end of the year). From age six, every student got a tablet home for their excercises and short daily video contact with the teacher. Once the schools opened again, kids were sitting in two's. There was a red box marked on the floor and a plastic screen for the teacher, to maintain distance. The fence around the playground was modified to have a separate gate for every year group, with a coloured line to guide them to their classes. Parents were not allowed on the grounds up until last week monday. Each class had their own part of the playground. Sports consisted of running around the building. This had the effect that my seven year old now outruns his 15 year old brother and sister.

The thing is, I also have two kids in secondary school. That is where the real disasters happened, with fulltime online lessons (yawn), then mixed live and online lessons (even worse), students playing games in parallel or instead of following lessons, not getting out of bed... No interesting practical assignments but just plain boring reheated theory. I watched one of the maths lessons and nearly fell asleep myself from the 50 minute monotone drone without any interaction. It must be said that I wouldn't want to even try and teach adolescents online. It is probably even more difficult than trying to teach something to a brick wall (at least you know that stays). In the end my daughter only just passed to the next year (where she could drop the most annoying subjects), my son failed and has to redo last year.smiley - sadface

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