It's a Sign: Too Many Signs

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It's a Sign: Too Many Signs

An Austrian intersection with far too many signs, which Caiman is trying to interpret.

Caiman writes:

We came across this set of traffic signs on the Hahntennjoch in Austria. I am still trying to construct what you can or cannot do there. So far I concluded that you are allowed to overtake on this cattle grid only (even a shorter stretch on the sidewalk and through the turning stile), but if you are a scarf wearing biker, you should do it quietly or not at all when the road is barred. Once you managed to overtake, watch out for slippery roads and a traffic light very close by. Tractors can overtake at all times. Whether Josef Koch got that memorial for thinking up this signage is unclear. He did commission the road back in 1947. If anything goes wrong, there is no cellphone reception anywhere near here (unless you scramble up the scree-filled steep slope for more than an hour), but they do not warn you for that (a missed opportunity).
An Austrian intersection with far too many signs, which Caiman is trying to interpret. In closeup.
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