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Today's caption challenge is something different: a chance for you to reminisce.

Try to Remember

This week's challenge is more of a 'flash Create'. Do you see this picture? It shows a border crossing station in the middle of Berlin. If you're younger than 40, you may not know what that is. It was called Checkpoint Charlie. Checkpoint Alpha was at the border between East and West Germany; Checkpoint Bravo was where you crossed from East Germany into West Berlin as you drove through the 'corridor' from the West. There were guards at all those checkpoints. They had impressive machine guns. Sometimes, things were tense.

I remember crossing Checkpoint Charlie on a hot summer day in 1975. The American soldier was friendly. Once he'd looked at my passport, the East German soldier waved me on, bored. I walked on into East Berlin – and promptly got lost. The previous day, I'd crossed at the Friedrichstrasse station, so I was disoriented.

Fortunately, some friendly young women came strolling past and asked me where I wanted to go. 'The Brechttheater,' I said.

'Oh? What's showing?' I told them. 'Hope you have a good time.' They gave me good directions. I arrived in time for the performance. Herr Puntilla und sein Knecht Matti was a big yawn: I don't recommend it unless you've run out of sleeping pills. But the experience was worth the trouble. That was my first brief exchange across the Cold War divide. There were to be others. And now that the Berlin Wall is a bad memory, I have a story to share.

Like I said, you won't remember this unless you, like the Editor, are OTD1. Otherwise, it's just history. But you know what? You remember something, too. Some big event. Someday that event, too, will be History with a capital H. And you can tell the young folk all about it.

There's plenty of space at the bottom of this page. Use it to tell us about some event or situation that you witnessed. One that changed later. Or one that might change in the future. Tell us something you remember.

A photo taken at Checkpoint Charlie during a tense time in the Cold War.

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