It's a Sign: Sassy and Instagrammable?

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It's a Sign: Sassy and Instagrammable?

Sign that says the Isle of Wight is getting a new sassy and instagrammable café, by Bluebottle

This is the most controversial sign on the Isle of Wight.

How often have you gone to a café and ended up having the following conversation with the proprietor?

You: Good morning, I have had a cup of tea and a scone and would like to make a complaint.

Proprietor: Oh? What was wrong? I assure you that the cup of tea wasn't made by an American but with a kettle and fresh, boiling water as close to 100 degrees centigrade as possible and left to brew before milk was added, and as for the scone we allow you to add your own butter, cream and jam so you can eat it either the Cornwall or Devon way as you desire.

You: No, the tea and scone were perfectly fine – they just weren't sassy or instagrammable enough. h2g2able, Facebookable and Twittable, but not instagrammable.

How exactly do you make a café sassy? Square saucers that don't match the cups? When you ask for a cup of tea, does the waitress just reply, 'No, make it yourself' or pour boiling hot water into your outstretched hands? Then give you a dry tea bag? Why would you want appalling and rude service in any case?

The owners of the new café expected to open soon seem to define 'sassy' as 'applying for a licence to play loud music until 12:30am in a residential area'. Residents in the flats living above, opposite and next to the café are appalled, with one recorded as saying,

'We are not killjoys and were young once but these hours are surely not suitable with so many residents in the flats. Quite frankly we are worried sick.'

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