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Posted: 1st November 2021

'Tis Now the Witching Hour!

FWR's very creepy Halloween head.

Are you ready? Are you READY? The ghosts and goblins will be out tonight, 31 October. Have candy and holy water ready. While you wait for them to ring your doorbells, settle in with this ultra-creepy issue of the h2g2 Post. You will notice that we have provided all the Spooky Stuff with careful labelling. We needed the labels, because frankly, some of this Stuff will make your hair stand on end.

Researchers share personal stories. Robbie's got one about a resident ghost who was very friendly. I've got one about an uncanny encounter in my family. FWR has turned a series of uncomfortable coincidences into a fictional shocker.

We've dug into the past, ours and the akashic record's, and found some great scary stories. The Prof returns with some nonsense verse. There's a spooky cartoon cat. Ambrose Bierce seems to have lost a toe somewhere, but another writer found it. Ghostbusters of the 1880s show up to demonstrate their skills (take that, Deep South Paranormal!).

Even the photos are spooky. All of those houses must be haunted. Great Yarmouth appears to have located the Fifth Horse of the Apocalypse. The Fifth Horse must be called 'Equestrian Accident.' Everybody's spooky, even Bluebottle, who found evil lurking in a map.
Awix has seasonal cinema.

Enjoy the Samhain interlude, folks, and pig out on chocolate and cider. For tomorrow, 1 November, we begin the great writing adventure! Here's this month's lineup of thrilling Twice-Told Tales for you to bookmark and follow:

FWR's Camelost is about the Return of King Arthur. It doesn't go the way Tennyson might have planned.
The Electrical Journey of Izzy Himmelfarb is a shocking (couldn't resist) tale by Your Editor. It's rather loosely based on the same Thompson Index Folklore Motif that has been ripped off by everyone from Victor Hugo to Roy Huggins.
Pilgrims' Inn sounds kind of familiar. Wonder what Paulh will do with this theme? Find out this month.
Tavaron Da Quirm hasn't named her story yet. But that just heightens the expectation. It involves space!
Caiman Raptor Elk is always full of surprises. His tale has the intriguing title of Robyn Hoodie: That's not my Apocalypse! (Mine's RED), and I cannot wait.
SashaQ has picked the theme Beauty or Beast? What will happen?

If you want to jump in and write, it's not too late to sign up. Just click the storyteller below. If you're not writing, you're reading, right? And leaving comments, we hope. Do NOT throw things. Be polite. This is a safe space for weirdos.

In addition to the November writing challenge, you will notice that we've put up December's Create challenge in advance. That's because, in response to popular demand, we're sending out a call for DIY Christmas projects and we want everybody to have time to contribute. We also want to give our readers time to make these things before it's gift-giving time. So dig out your plans, recipes, and patterns. Yes, recipes. Your DIY project might involve comestibles. Nothing wrong with a little holiday fudge. Just keep in mind: Do NOT use the word 'festive'. The Editor has declared war on 'festive' and will bleep it out. I have a censorship smiley and am not afraid to use it.

So enjoy this week, everyone. And remember: the goblins may be wearing masks, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't socially distance yourself from them. They may be carrying germs and ectoplasmic cooties.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: Ghosts are disappointments personified, wrongs perpetuated.

Henry W Shoemaker, The Indian Steps, 1912

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Shriners in Town

Robin Emergency

Stunned robin by Caiman Raptor Elk.



Der Voegelfänger bin ich ja

The first line to Papageno's song in the Magic Flute. This is what Paulh keeps forgetting in his dream.


Little Boundes
A ghostly monk.
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