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Posted: 6th September 2021

Old Friends and New Visitors

Sunflower and Zinnias, by Mrs Hoggett.

'And summer's lease hath all too short a date,' wrote Shakespeare. We agree. Still, we are enjoying the early harvest and the late blooms, and we have autumn to look forward to. Our contributors have sent in more beautiful flowers and more interesting insects. In fact, there's been such a profusion of both this season that I, your Post Editor, have taken it upon myself to make a slide show featuring the flowers of August – and the insects (and snail!) that loved them. You can find it on this page. Please take a few moments to enjoy them. Time spent drinking in beauty is never wasted. It makes your soul grow, as Wordsworth could have told you.

In addition to beautiful things to look at (and a beautiful tune to listen to), we have stories for you. Some are true, like Sho's illustrated report about a window and big, traffic-stopping crane. Another true story is contributed by FWR, who has a back-to-school reminiscence that will make you chuckle.

On the fictional front, Awix is back with fresh horror. I put in my oar with a Ninja Review of the latest Netflix historical series. Speaking of fiction: we trust you're getting ready to write some come November. We're including that upcoming Create challenge again this week as a reminder. We hope it will stimulate some thinking.

September is back-to-school month, but recipes are always in fashion. We've got one from Mrs McGillicuddy. It's a gourmet US version of shepherd's pie, and it's easy to make because the photos you'll see are of the Editor's version. The directions are really helpful, too.

If you have any useful recipes like that, please keep sending them in. We're always looking for an answer to the question, 'What's for dinner?'

We'll be back next week with more Stuff. (Send more Stuff!) Remember: Create challenges come and go, but your contributions hang around this website forever and also appear on Twitter. Your photo/story may inspire a complete stranger. It's sort of the 'Cast your bread on the waters' approach.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: The proper way to do metaphysics is to write a science fiction novel. Anything less is like creating a design but never actually building it.

Carlos Perez

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The Flowers of August, and the Bugs That Loved Them


Snails on stalks in Tavaron's garden.


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A black cat lying on the walk, by Mrs Hoggett, who has plenty of cats.


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