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Posted: 30th August 2021

Late-Summer Bounty

Brown-Eyed Susans at the Farm, by Mrs Hoggett.

It's that time of year again: warm, possibly sultry in the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere of an utterly insignificant little blue-green planet orbiting a small, unregarded yellow sun in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy. In other words, the big tourist ships don't stop here, but to us, it's home. And it's late summer, which means we're still enjoying the flowers and fruit, we're swatting flies (tip for cooks: never let a potato rot in your cupboard!), and the kids are getting ready for back-to-school.

Which is why this month's Create challenge involves telling us school anecdotes, if you've got any good ones to share. If you don't, or, like Harpo Marx, dropped out of second grade, how about extending the August challenge and sending us summer recipes instead? We'd still enjoy them.

FWR's recipe, however, started an argument between him and me on Twitter. Look at what he wrote:
Take some carrots, a bit of green stuff, unzip half a cucumber, leave til everyone is drunk and/or hungry enough, or the doritos have run out, throw on compost heap next morning for full benefit.

I won't bore you with the details, but it ended up with him dissing me for saying bacon went with fruit-topped pancakes, and my retorting that I wasn't taking culinary advice from anybody whose national cuisine included baked beans on toast. So help us out here. Send reasonable recipes.

We have some really lovely things for you this week. Here's a quick rundown:
  • From the Animal Kingdom: Everything's exotic to somebody. You can decide whether Scots dinosaurs, Cape fur seals, or minigoats on the shed roof qualify as really wild.
  • Flower Show: A fuzzy bumblebee photobombed the amazing blooms. Also, we snuck in a recipe to enjoy while viewing the beauty. That is, if you're into fusion cooking. Solnushka, I have no problem with cola marinade. But I'd use Coke.
  • Peaks and Valleys and Shorelines and… From the tops of mountains to the seashore and even to the inside of the barn, we'll put you on the viewing end of some unusual sights.
  • The Usual Unusual: There's humour, for a certain value of the word. And a quiz. And Awix with new and entertaining cinema. And me with whatever. FWR gives you a teaser for the ghost story to follow – as soon as our intrepid reporter snags those all-important photos. Also, more fun facts and sights from History. So dig in.

We'll be back next week with more Stuff. (Send more Stuff!) Remember: Never mind the fact that you have to wring your pajamas out in the morning. Come December, you'll wish it were warm again as you fuss about the snow. (This remark does not apply to Willem, who's probably outside right now petting a zebra.)

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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