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Posted: 16th August 2021

Birds'n'Bugs Issue

Strange insect on a French car which is bright red, by Superfrenchie.

It's time for another birds'n'bugs issue. Sasha says it's okay since they aren't spiders. Superfrenchie has photographed some artistically displayed French bugs with superb fashion sense. Tavaron found a really scary one. We put them in a special section so you won't confuse them with the recipes. Speaking of which, Paulh has some you'll really like. Recipes, not bugs.

We also have some breathtaking views. And birdies. And other wildlife. You'll enjoy these. Tavaron has an update on her zebra finches.

In addition to the quiz, cinema, humour, and other features, we have a new story from FWR. He's been busy thinking about the moon and the environment, in between feeding birds and raising spectacular flowers.

Sit back and enjoy. The contributors welcome questions about their work, except for Tavaron, who reminds people that those zebras live with her in Austria, and are not planning to migrate to Australia anytime soon, even if they do have birdie satnav.

From the veld to the Volga, there's lots to look at and admire. Thanks to everyone for sharing. Keep it up!

We'll be back next week with more Stuff. (Send more Stuff!) Remember: you owe us recipes. Send them in before the church picnic, so we'll know what to prepare.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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