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Posted: 12th July 2021

Signs and Wonders Issue

Truck with lit-up CAUTION sign, by DG.

Hello, folks. Still enjoying your summer? Willem says his winter's not been too bad, especially since, right in the middle of it, he ran out and got the gorgeous flower picture you'll see in this issue. Kind of winters to have, say the envious from the Snow Belt. As you can tell, we have notes from all over in this issue. Be sure to appreciate the variety provided by Planet Earth's denizens. Some of these wonders are natural, others generated by humans.

Some of this stuff we do just to annoy the Vogons.

Here's a brief rundown of some of the highlights:
  • Signs, signs, and more signs. Signs in the city. Signs in the country. Signs from the US and UK. Signs to make you scratch your head. Signs to make you laugh.
  • Nature. From exuberant blossoms to baby birds to garden visitors, there's a lot to wonder at. So wonder, politely.
  • Humour. Yes, we're still calling it that.
  • Points for discussion. From thought-provoking stuff to images that beg for a story, we provide jumping-off places. So jump, already. Awix is back with answers to his quiz, which is definitely food for thought. He also has a film review!
  • Video. There are goats, a dog, and a bird. There's also a truly adorable cat. Thanks, Rosa!

Minigoat portrait, by DG.

We'll be back next week with more Stuff. (Send more Stuff!) Remember: this weirdness is all your doing. Keep finding weird, wonderful, and beautiful things to photograph. You know which transom to throw it over.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: ...what we call knowledge is ignorance surrounded by laughter.

Charles Fort

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Friends and Friendship

Redbank Creek, Summer

Stargate Tokens

Fused strawberry by Caiman Raptor Elk


  • Video
  • Simba, obligatory cat.



Sign for Fyock Radiators by DG.


Ancient Phone Box,
Used by Dinosaurs

Bembridge phone box. It's 100 years old. By Bluebottle.
  • Video
  • Meanwhile, at the goat pen...

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