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Posted: 14th June 2021

Around the World and Back Again

Early morning sun and fog, by Freewayriding.

'I thought my flower photo was going to be boring,' said a Researcher, 'because they're everywhere around here.' This was after I'd exclaimed in awe and surprise about it.

'Remember,' I said for the umpteenth time, 'Everything on Earth is exotic to somebody.'

See, this is what we can do at h2g2 that other people aren't doing. We aren't rich, or politically powerful. We're not 'influencers' who change the world's buying habits. Heck, if we sell a few books in a month, we're over the moon around here. We don't expect anybody to be tweeting about us flying our own rockets to the moon anytime soon.

But there is something we do better than anybody else.

We give people snapshot glimpses of our planet, just by sharing what's out our own windows. Taken all together, it's a pretty interesting view. Do we hope to widen the horizon? We do, indeed. Keep watching this space for improvements and news.

In the meantime, here's what we've gathered for you this week:
    Solnushka's vaccination certificate, in Russian and English
  • From ancient near-giraffes to modern insects smaller than coins, we've found a lot of wildlife. Willem finds things we've never dreamed of, but thinks the western Pennsylvania waterways are amazing. SashaQ astounds us with the variety of wetland birds on the Wirral.
  • Not to mention the vegetation. From North America to Europe to South Africa. It grows, and it's beautiful. Even if Paigetheoracle regards it with suspicion.
  • Sunrises that take your breath away: a specialty of Freewayriding's. Meanwhile, did you see the clouds on Mars? We invite comment1. And, just to make things more interesting, the photographers in the UK have shared their hard-won solar eclipse photos with the rest of us. It's a struggle taking eclipse pictures under those weather conditions, so appreciate.
  • Artistic impulses appear: Sho proudly displays her Lego. SashaQ shares an admirable talent for painting. (Love that purple!) Awix has an adventure in language teaching to tell you about. You'll never look at an English class the same way again. I have more random thoughts.
  • There's humour and a quiz. Bluebottle thickens the plot.

We'll be back next week with more Stuff. (Send more Stuff!) Remember to take your cameras with you. What am I saying? You need those phones, anyway. Just don't forget to push the button when you see something cool. And videographers: Youtube viewers demand that you turn the camera sideways when filming. Otherwise, you will get yelled at. But you can send your video clips to the Post Editor if you like. Film production a specialty.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: They say you can never go home again; I wish it were true, but suspect otherwise.

Awix, world traveller and weary observer

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First Contact

French Creek, Pennsylvania

UK Eclipse Special Report!

Partial Solar Eclipse by Freewayriding



Convent Church

Ceiling of the Church of Saints Martha and Mary, by Solnushka.


Sunrise Silhouettes by Freewayriding.

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