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Posted: 31st May 2021

World Nature Special: Wildlife (plus humans)

Rhododendrons are back, by DG.

June is about to bust out all over the northern hemisphere (while Willem goes on more expeditions to bring us south-of-the-equator Stuff), and we're happy. This issue is a wildlife extravaganza. Some of the wildlife is human: it's pretty weird, too.

Wildlife can be exuberant around here. Take last Sunday, for instance. On my way to church down a tree-line street, I felt something brush my ear. I flicked it off, I thought. It was not until the middle of the hymn-singing that I felt it again. Flick. Looked down: a merry inchworm was doing its thing on my shirt. Elektra picked it up gently. We looked at each other: what to do? We couldn't leave and disturb the singing. So she placed in reverently on the unoccupied pew in front of us. It sauntered off, in that distinctive inchworm fashion. All were blessed.

We've got a lot of cool things to show you. And things for you to do, too. So let's get started:

  • In addition to stunning photography, we have a video bonanza this week! Both diurnal and nocturnal sightings have been recorded, proving that 1) we are cool with the technology and 2) we know big words.
  • There are two guest fiction pieces this week: the usual war story by John Masefield and a one-off science fiction piece by RA Lafferty. You'll enjoy that one, so do read it.
  • Minorvogonpoet takes us on a journey to a place of wonder. Awix takes us on a mental journey through science fiction fashion.
  • The Create Team have got a new challenge for you. It involves the subject of First Contact. Get out your alien/Earth dictionaries and go to work.
  • Speaking of challenges, we're giving the heavy hitters a heads-up for November. That's when we go into the 30-day serialised novel business. This year, to give those of us who are long-process writers a chance to keep up, we are announcing the challenge parameters far in advance. This gives us all six months to muse, mull, research, collect ideas and background snippets, and etc. I think you'll like the topic. Feel free to discuss the project in the comments section, but you don't have to commit to anything until much later.
  • There are the usual features: humour, cartoons, graphic novels, quizzes, me nattering, and a mystery bug and flower. Please help out if you have a clue. The clueless should probably remain anonymous – like that Twitter person who answered the quiz 'What is this flower called?' with 'A weed.' Such wit, seriously.

We'll be back next week with more Stuff. (Send more Stuff!) Remember to document your wildlife encounters, strange sign sightings, and other adventures you may have along the way.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: At every level of emergence, there is a notion of identity as well as a notion of the collective. There is a notion of fungibility and non-fungibility.

There is a notion of self and non-self. A notion of subjectivity and hence behavior that is driven relative to different reference frames.

There is a notion of interaction between the self and the non-self and thus the notion of change and hence the notion of time. These are metaphysical concepts that transcend every emergent level in nature.

Carlos E Perez, @IntuitMachine, Twitter

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First Contact

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Cinco Dedes?

FWR may or may not still have five fingers on each hand after his Cinco de Mayo project.

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Newsflash: Ducks Find Pond!
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