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Posted: 24th May 2021

Nature: Knows Where Its Towel Is

A towel, a thumb, and a rocket. And hitchhiking were paradise enow.

We have lots of things to talk about this week, and none of them involve cabbages or kings. The cabbages aren't out yet. Although, come to think of it, the cabbage whites have been making whoopee outside the Post Office, cavorting among the flowers. We have lots of flowers for you to admire this week, with and without insect visitors. We also have birds and bears. If you do not think of birds and bears in the same sentence, you aren't a h2g2 editor. We can tell.

This week, we are also celebrating the Towelness of the universe. You know, 25 May is the day. Towel-wearing is all the rage, it being the singularly most useful thing anybody can carry around. You may or may not also be wearing lilacs, or a lilac-coloured towel to remember Sir Terry. It's all good.

In honour of the season, the Post is decorated with images of towels from years of yore. Spot them, enjoy them, and send in your towel pics on Tuesday. I'll be glad to get them onto social media, or retweet them. I'll also save them for future occasions. Thus do we continue our traditions.

Speaking of traditions, here's one for you: bug-hunting. No, we don't mean the kind our photographers are doing. We mean computer bugs. As Robbie Stamp says, we're held together by love and sticking plaster, and he's working on the sticking plaster. (He didn't say 'spit and baling wire' because one, he's British, and two, it says right in the House Rules, 'No Spitting'.)

IF you spot anything untoward on the site, DO NOT TELL THE POST EDITOR. The Post Editor cannot mash those all-important buttons. INSTEAD, write down what you tried to do, what happened that shouldn't have happened, and attach a screenshot (very important!). Mail these with two boxtops from cereals containing less weird things than Zaphod Beeblebrox…no, seriously, email all this to tech-at-h2g2-dot-com. Please do not include extraneous information, such as how upset you are that this happened, or how much Vogon junk mail you got this week. Keep it professional.

While we're waiting to achieve complete normality (never!), here are some highlights from this week's issue:
A pile of towels.
  • Exotic, beautiful, exuberant, and just plain lovable images from nature, from Pennsylvania to South Africa and back up to the European temperate zone. You'll enjoy the ride.
  • Stories. Has anybody noticed how Bluebottle's characters are growing on you? Desideria's friend Iolanthe has an interesting conversation with her therapist. Meanwhile, John Masefield is giving you a free history lesson, Brits: brush up so you can help the kids with their A-levels.
  • I have news and video about bears. Best admired virtually, are bears.
  • While Awix is taking a break from cinema reviewing, he's been kind enough to send us some occasional writing of an outstanding nature under the rubrik of 'Awix in Exile'. This week's account comes from Kyrgyzstan, and you absolutely do not want to miss it.
  • Find the horsie, caption the picture, identify the flower and the language. Things to do.

We'll be back next week with more Stuff. (Send more Stuff!) Remember to greet the flowers: they appreciate the attention. (We appreciate the photos!)

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: His name, while it is kept in mind,

Will never be forgotten.

David Humphreys, 'Elegy on a Patriot'
(Thanks to Paulh for the find.)

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Bearded Woodpecker

Bearded Woodpecker by Willem


  • Awix in Exile

  • That Moment Where You Realise
    You've Inadvertently Married
    into a Central Asian Crime Family.

  • Picture Quiz
  • This quiz is for
    language buffs, and
    has nothing to do with Pittsburgh.


Find the Horsie

FWR says there's a little blue horse in this picture. Find it.


Lilac by Tavaron.

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