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I keep waiting for those poor tgrapped people to come out again

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paulh, hiding under my bed

At least Alice Liddell came out on the other side of the looking glass and went on to have adventures, though rather strange ones.

But, Along about the five or six-minute mark, I fantasize that the people who went into the wall will come out. Maybe Stephen Hawking's theories about matter and anti-matter seeping into and out of the universe will prevail. After all, over a very very long time, even black holes may dissipate. Not that we'll be around to see if they actually do so.

Let me have my fantasies. I promise to stay inside where I'm no danger to others. I will not try to go to the Capitol building and change the government. Heck, I'm not even all that good about colelcting bags of trash and taking them to the dumpster. I fall somewhere on the continuum between harmless and useless.

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I keep waiting for those poor tgrapped people to come out again

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