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Posted: 7th December 2020

More Things in Heaven and Earth

Echium Pininana, The Giant Viper's Bugloss, by Cactuscafe. Welcome back to the h2g2 Post, where things are only getting weirder. You absolutely wouldn't believe the things we've seen and done. We know that. That's why we take pictures. You're going to enjoy these.

Last week, we snuck in on the tail end of November with a new challenge for you: winter tales. If you haven't sent yours in yet, get cracking. We've collected quite a few so far, which you'll see in next week's issue. Send us your favourite tales and anecdotes. Or make something up. We're looking forward to some good fireside reading.

That plant over there is something Cactuscafe found on her peregrinations about Brighton. We'll tell you more inside. We have more unusual sights like that. Let's give you a rundown:

    Svengali hypnotises Trilby so that she can sing, from an old and awful novel.
  • Willem's got a gaur on the hoof. Factoid Fred's been spotting rocks. SashaQ thinks birds have an interesting profile, and so do lampposts in the fog. Paigetheoracle wins today's weirdness award with an unusual gardening photo.
  • Awix takes you farther than you'd ever have imagined in Japanese cinema. I have thoughts about the Milgram test. We test you on your knowledge of a Scots historical figure, and share a totally unnecessary novel from the past. (Svengali, Svengali, Svengali‚Ķ)
  • Nature is full of surprises: Tavaron found a butterfly in her garden (in November!), the Post Office Back Forty has stubborn flowers, while inside, the Christmas cactus is blooming like it had a bet on. SashaQ amazes us with roses.
  • We have seen flying people, odd signs, very old jokes that are new all over again, and birds using zebra crossings.
  • Freewayriding lets us in on his writing process as he takes us on a walk on the Wirral. It's a journey back in time.
  • There's humour. There are ongoing stories. B4's 'Into You' continues, and Paulh has a hypothetical for you.

Read, read, read, and listen. Post nice comments. Send more Stuff. And have a good week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: 'Some men are born to lead.' Yes, and frequently they seem to care not under what circumstances, or championing what cause.

Samuel Cattermole, Famous Frontiersmen, 1880.

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Video Extra: Fossie and Scooter, Mini-Goats


Gaur by Willem



Surprise Butterfly

Atalanta Red Admiral butterfly by Tavaron.


Flying People
Near Rottingdean

Flying People Near Rottingdean, by Cactuscafe.


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