Vienna 1880 - 3 The coffee house

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Elisabeth and Georg didn't have a long way to go. They owned the coffee house at the ground floor of the house. It was not the Café Central or any other of these posh city center coffee houses, but it had evrything a coffee house needed. There were comfotable upholstered benches, modern chairs made of bent wood and small marble tables. The lower parts of the walls were covered in wood, while mirrors were placed above the panelling, making the room look at least twice as big. From the windows customers had a good view on both streets of the junction.

Two of the staff were already waiting at the back door in the counrtyard, when Elisabeth and Georg arrived and Georg unlocked the door. Anna Weixelberger went to the kitchen to light the fire in the stove. She filled the inbuilt tank with water from the tap, so they always had warm water for cleaning dishes and other useful purposes during the day.

The other staff member was Gottlieb Seidl, the head waiter. He was quite a bit oldern than Elisabeth and her husband, his hair and whiskers already turned gray. Gottlieb was always dressed perfectly, in a black suit. Gottlieb also knew all the usual orders of all the regular guests and had an open ear for all their problems.

While the two men went to the front of the café, Elisabeth and Anna stayed at the kitchen. While Anna was busy with the stove, Elisabeth started mixing batter for cake. The guests loved her cake – that's why she used to prepare it herself - and what would be a café without cake? Unthinkable! She poured the batter in a Gugelhupf pan – around pan with a hole in the middle. Anna prepared a starter for yeast dough for a cake with raisins.

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