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The Chase. Part 25.

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Rulf ducked the sword, feeling the blade whistle over his head, then was forced backward by the expert weapon wielding of the forester.

These Normans must be given a sword as soon as they leave their mothers' teats!

Another flurry of feints and lunges, Rulf giving even more ground, unaware Goubert was now within feet of his exposed back.

The hounds circled the fight, hackles raised, teeth bared, but trained to hold, waiting for their Master to allow the attack.

Searing cold pain as the sword plunged into his shoulder, paralysing his sword arm, the blade dropping from Rulf's grasp.

The Norman grinned viciously and drew back his own arm.

Rulf gave a whistle and the hounds leapt at his attacker, large enough to easily reach the man's throat.

Rulf watched, stemming the flow of blood, as the hounds did their duty, gave an anguished cry as the big male was pierced through its ribcage, jaws still locked around its killer's neck.

His mate sensed his pain, launching another ferocious attack. Yelping as she too was wounded on her flank.

But the hounds had delivered fatal wounds of their own. The man collapsed to the ground, crimson jetting from his neck. Then he was still, the dogs lay at his bloodied side, breathing their last, content they had done their duty and saved their master.

Rulf heard a cry behind him, spinning to see Goubert bringing his sword down in a sweeping arc towards Rulf's exposed head.

The Chase. Part 25.

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Post Editor

smiley - applause And the fight continues...

The Chase. Part 25.

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No ghosts, no zombies, no spaceships... What you expect! smiley - winkeye

The Chase. Part 25.

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Caiman raptor elk - Escaping the Array

And now the sword is arcing for another 20-ish hours before I know if it hits.

I suspect the zombies are planned for the 31st of November?

The Chase. Part 25.

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Another cliffhanger! smiley - applause

The Chase. Part 25.

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paulh. Trump's behavior is unpresidented





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