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The Chase. Part 24.

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Rulf unconsciously rubbed at the scar on his forehead as he watched the scene unfold.

He half-felt the Northman's hand on his shoulder, as Goubert pulled the blade, half-heard the whispered plea of *No little brother, no!*

Then he was up and running, making as much noise as he could to distract the foresters. The two hounds keeping pace alongside him.

Swords were drawn and the three turned to face Rulf and the massive hounds.

He ignored them, looking only to Goubert and the panic stricken boy.

*If it please, my Lord, the beasts be mine, and mine only, the boy has no part in thievery this day!*

*If it please your Lord…. * Goubert stopped, the words, the situation, vaguely familiar. A quizzical look on his face as he stood to face Rulf.

Rulf pulled off his cap, swept back his hair to show his mark.

*The very words my father implored you with, his last words - before you took his tongue!*

Goubert smiled a wicked smile as the realization dawned upon him.

*The day gets better! It seems this boy will have a running mate in the next Chase! Seize him, kill the beasts, oh.. and take his tongue!*

The hounds bared their teeth as the three foresters closed upon Rulf.

In the trees, Tadgh knocked his bow, drawing mightily, hoping he could fell one or two men before his friend was chopped down!

Rulf was weighing up which to engage when the first arrow struck home, the man thrown backwards by the force of the flight.

Seconds later, Tadgh found another target. Pinning the man to his horse.

Then Rulf was upon the third, swords clashing, as Tadgh picked up his axe and ran into the fray.

The Chase. Part 24.

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Caiman raptor elk - Escaping the Array

Good work. Can't have another innocent boy get involved in this.

The Chase. Part 24.

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Post Editor

smiley - applause What he said.

The Chase. Part 24.

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Excellent dramatic scene. smiley - applause

The Chase. Part 24.

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paulh. Trump's behavior is unpresidented


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