119. Spotlight on Crepuscular Meadows: Mrs. Mumble's cousin shows up unexpectedly

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119. Spotlight on Crepuscular Meadows: Mrs. Mumble's cousin shows up unexpectedly

Thanks to Tommy Nemo's detective work, a few select people (namely Tommy and the editor of the Evening Sentinel) know that Mrs. Mumble, a.k.a. Lorraine Mondale (Nee Lindstrom) had had a husband and a son and a grandson (nicknamed Freckles, but his real name was David Mondale).

And now the family tree was larger than previously suspected, for a cousin named Viggo Lindstrom visited Emma Sullivan's cafe one day and asked to see her.

She was in the middle of preparing an order of blueberry muffins and coffee for Letitia Lochinvar, so it was ten minutes before she could talk with him.

"Viggo Lindstrom?" she exclaimed. "I named my son Viggo, but his last name is Sullivan. My husband is Ken Sullivan."

"I would be delighted to meet both your son and your husband," Viggo Lindstrom said. "For now, I'd like to meet my two closest relatives in town: Your mother Julia Lindstrom, and Lorraine Lindstrom Mondale."

"I'm afraid I've never hear of her," Emma said.

"I have a picture of her." He pulled out a snapshot of a young woman with bright red hair. "She was born here, and that's all I know about her."

Suddenly Emma realized that the woman in the photo was a younger version of Mrs. Mumble. "And where have you come from in search of her?" Emma asked. "We call her Mrs. Mumble. Nothing definite is known about her."

"I was Born in Sweden, but came to Workchester twenty years ago to work in Nordstrom's Restaurant."

"You've lived fifteen miles away, and are just now trying to get in touch with your cousin?" Emma exclaimed.

"My older brother Lars just died, and he made me promise I would get to know the rest of the family."

"Lars as in Lars Lindstrom?" Emma asked. "My father's name was Lars."

"The same. You are my niece. Our uncle Nils was Lorraine's father. Lars had a small estate, and he wanted me to share it with whatever other family members I could find."

Emma needed to sit down. This was too much news to absorb all at once.

"So Lorraine --whom we call Mrs. Mumble -- was a first cousin to my father as well as you?"

"That sounds about right. And Nils was feuding with my branch of the family. I assumed that the animosity cut both ways."

Just then, Mrs. Mumble showed up with Freckles. "Mrs. Mumble," Emma said, "meet Viggo Lindstrom, who claims to be related both to you and to me."

Mrs. Mumble blushed. No one had ever seen her do that before. When she regained her wits, she sat down wearily at a table and asked Viggo to sit down as well. "Our branches of the family were said to be feuding," she said weakly. "I didn't think your side would *want* to be in contact with me."

"My older brother Lars just died. He was the father of Emma here. After he left the oil service field, he came to work in Nordstrom's Restaurant in Workchester, and I joined him there. We've been working there for twenty years."

"Fifteen miles away, and you never came here to meet us?" Emma and Mrs. Mumble exclaimed in unison.

This was getting awkward. "I could leave if you like, but Lars wanted Emma and her mother to each have a quarter of his estate. Lorraine and I would get the remainder."

The three of them sat at the table for a while musing over this turn of events.

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