92. Spotlight on Crepuscular Meadows: Putting in new heaters, preparing the gardens for winter

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92. Spotlight on Crepuscular Meadows: Putting in new heaters, preparing the gardens for winter

"My, how time flies! it's September 15 already," Mrs. Maxiver exclaimed to Guy de la Tourette as he came plodding back from the park with Heureux, his dog.

Guy frowned. Although he had been in the United States for forty years, there were idioms that he had to think about before he understood them. Then he smiled, realizing what it meant for time to fly. "Yes, it seems as if we had snow on the ground yesterday," he said, moving over to the edge of Mrs. Maxiver's yard so he could lean against the fence. He wasn't a young man any more.

"I will need to get my roses ready for Winter soon," she said with a sigh.

"I didn't know anyone needed to *do* anything with roses for the Winter."

"Yes, the whole area must be raked, and the leaves removed, so they don't harbor pests and diseases," she said. "My son would usually be doing this, but he has a business to run, and he's busier than ever."

Guy wracked his brain to think of a helpful suggestion. "How about pruning?"

Mrs. Maxiver was horrified. "That would stimulate new growth just when it's not wanted. Spring is the time for that."

A truck pulled up in front of the Maxiver house. On the side was the legend "Eric Fleemy, HVAC."

"I'm having a new furnace put in," she confided. "I nearly froze several times last Winter."

"You're lucky I could fit you in," Mr. Fleemy said. "I would have sent my sons, but they're too busy."

"So, Fall is a busy time for some people," Guy de la Tourette mused as he turned and walked toward his home.

Mrs. Maxiver waved at his departing back. Eric Fleemy and his helper (probably a grandson) carried a large box toward the house, while Mrs. Maxiver held the door open.

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