42. Spotlight on Crepuscular Meadows: Why would the founders of Crepuscular Meadows choose August as the time to incorporate the town?

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42. Spotlight on Crepuscular Meadows: Why would the founders of Crepuscular Meadows choose August as the time to incorporate the town?

Well, the founders of the town might or might not have incorporated the town in August.

But let's go as far back as we can, to gain a bit of perspective. A very large chunk of land including numerous future towns was granted a charter in 1654. Until 1850, what is now Crepuscular Meadows was part of Clanville. If there were complaints about this, they have been lost to history.

Horatio Grandhigh and his brother were instrumental in gaining independence for the town. The Grandhigh family
continued producing new generations until the present day, so if you want to make big changes in Crepuscular Meadows, it wouldn't be a bad idea to run them by whatever Grandhighs happen to be around.

Anyway, there are some who say that the town was incorporated in *March* of 1950. Well, in more recent times there have been townspeople who have thought the town needed more festivities. It was getting too dull for their tastes, perhaps. August is the only month of the year that has no holidays, so it was decided that a Founders Day parade should be mounted on the third day of August every year.

Maybe there were some purists who scoffed at having such a parade in any month except March. The inevitable reply to such people would have been, "Yes, but August is when we need a parade. Horatio Grandhigh is long gone, and who is to say that he wouldn't appreciate being honored even in August. Nobody else has done anything lately to honor the town's founders. We want to do it, and we're going to do it, and if there's anyone in town who doesn't like parades, they can go somewhere else on vacation so they won't have to see it."

Well, that last bit would not have gone over very well this year, given that the Dandriches actually *were* going away on vacation.

Did Jim Dandrich forget about the parade?

Mayor Gladhand seemed to be the only person who wondered that. After his talk with Ginny Fassbender, the Mayor called the president of the bank to see if the bank was going to mount any floats this year. It turned out that the bank president was on vacation in Switzerland, and had not even thought about it.

The Mayor then called Minny Dandrich to ask if she realized that she was going to miss the parade. "Oh, my God!" she exclaimed. "I forgot all about it, and I'm sure that Jim did, too. Could your photographer send us photos afterward? I haven't missed the parade in 17 years, so I have a pretty good record of seeing it. Have fun on Wednesday!"

Well, that was that. The Mayor kind of wished he could be in the wilds of Maine himself, but when you're in charge, there are some luxuries you have to forgo.

"Well, maybe no one will notice that neither Jim nor the bank will be represented this year," the Mayor said to himself. "I hope it won't be 96 degrees the way it was last year."

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