37. Spotlight on Crepuscular Meadows: The classic neo-classical front of the Nobility Town Hall

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37. Spotlight on Crepuscular Meadows: The classic neo-classical front of the Nobility Town Hall

The tall, broad columns that flank the front of the Town Hall in Nobility look noble and very classy -- until you realize that such sturdy columns really aren't necessary to hold up the overhang that juts out from the building's front.

But that's not going to change, is it? Nobility has many traditions, and this love of classy-looking buildings is one that Nobilitarians will hang onto. Maybe for good reason. (The writer was going to call them Nobilitites, but Nobilitite is a mineral, which the writer will eventually

When was the Town Hall built? The writer has not yet figured that out, but the town's first attempt at a town library was housed in the Town Hall around 1860. So, the building was already in place 160 years ago. Those columns suggest a time frame of 1825-1860, which was the Greek revival period. Of course, this is the writer thinking (or writing) out loud.

As the building is so old, substantial work has been done over the years to strengthen the floor of the second story.
The writer hears that performances of some Gilbert and Sullivan operettas were performed in the auditorium of that second floor in the 1950s and 1960s.

Recent work has been done to construct an access road leading to the back of the building, so as to accommodate more cars. It is a fairly busy building. Nobility loves its classic old buildings, and the writer expects this to continue.

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