36. Spotlight on Crepuscular Meadows: the charming but cramped library in Nobility

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36. Spotlight on Crepuscular Meadows: the charming but cramped library in Nobility

In this chapter, the writer wishes to shine a spotlight on the folly of municipal officials who try to hang on to charming but inadequate buildings.

Built at the beginning of the 20th Century, the Nobility Public Library was the kind of dream building that photographers from all over the country loved to take pictures of. It was a one-story building, except for loft space over the entrance. The walls were of stone. The roof was red tile. The building sat smack in the middle of about three acres of well-mowed lawn. For a town of less than 1,000 people, this was adequate. As the population quadrupled, however, The folly of maintaining the status quo became more and more evident, particularly to the town's newcomers, even though many of them came to town because the town library was so charming. What to do, what to do?

Well, a group of citizens had a plan. They got a grant from the state, matched it with donations form the townspeople, and built a new, much larger two-story library building -- behind the original building, which was left intact and used as a reading room.

Was the new arrangement functional? Absolutely! Did it look right? No way! The larger building served to make the smaller building in front like something that shouldn't be there.

What further solution could be found? That' easy! Move the old building, stone by stone and tile by tile somewhere else. Maybe Bridgeway Village, that "historical" village near the Berserkshire Hills, would welcome it.

But who would pay to move the building? Don't look at us!
So it's going to stay there and continue to not look right, even though it looked right for a century.

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