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. Freckles

The question was, was Freckles an ordinary kid? Granted, he was obsessed with his handheld electronic device, but he took pains not to let anyone else see what was on the screen. Was he just very private?

Then there was his mother, who kept to herself. She seemed to have no opinions. She never mentioned the fact that Freckles didn't seem to have a father, at least one who was ever around. She was so unmemorable that people promptly forgot about her as soon as she left he room.

The clincher was that Mr. O'Toole's cousin Sawyer lived in a town where Freckles used to live, and he remembered the kid as being older than he was now. Was this a Benjamin Button scenario? Or a case of mistaken identity?

Sawyer O'Toole, as was his nature, tended to embroider the known facts. By the time he was finished, Freckles was a backward-living extraterrestrial whose "mother" was an android. The electronic device he was so private about told the future, so naturally he didn't want people to see what it had to say.

Freckles seemed to be unperturbed by all this speculation. He spent time at the skateboard park. As this was summer, he wouldn't be in school anyway. He gave dark hints about not going to school in Crespuscular Meadows in the4 Fall, because his father was going to come back form some long business trip and move the family somewhere else.

At the barbershop and the general store, where old geezers got together to chew the fat, Freckles was grist for the rumor mill.

Or, he was just an ordinary kid. Not part of one of the town's old families, so he didn't fit in that way. he would soon be gone, and maybe Crepuscular Meadows would soon forget he was ever there. A pity, but that's how life is sometimes.....

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