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<p>Tony Curtis was born <LINK H2G2="A379424">Bernard Schwarz</LINK> on 3 June, 1925 in the Bronx, <LINK H2G2="A199389">New York City</LINK>, USA. He died on 29 September, 2010 in Nevada. In his 85 years, he married five times and had four daughters as well as two sons, and the women in his life played important roles in the development of his character and career.</p>

<p><LINK H2G2="A626104">Some Like It Hot</LINK> with Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe</p>

<p><LINK H2G2="A87889252">The Persuaders</LINK> with Roger Moore</p>

A2198513 Halloween: H20 - Jamie Lee Curtis and Janet Leigh

A2984051 Alfred Hitchcock

Jamie Lee Curtis

A2116559 Halloween: Being The Adventures Of Michael Myers
A2198414 Halloween: The Night He Came Home Edited 2%
A2198423 Halloween II Edited 2%
A516458 Hicksville, Ohio, USA Edited 1%
A2198522 Halloween: Resurrection

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