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Posted: 7th September 2020

Stuck in the Caboose Motel?

An old freight car on a siding in Titusville in front of the Drake Well Museum, by Dmitri Gheorgheni.

Friends, have you become derailed on the railroad siding of life? Hint to FWR: that would make a good country music title. (We're going into the song-writing business.) Are you stuck in the Caboose Motel, with nowhere to go because, let's face it, Titusville isn't a major metropolis, and once you've seen the world's oldest oil well, you've pretty much done the town? Are you tired of wearing a mask even to get fast food? In short, is 2020 getting you down?

Do not despair. This, too, shall pass. In the meantime, why not do as the hitchhikers do? We've pooled our discoveries and shared our finds. The result is a mosaic of late-summer wonders that will have you gasping with surprise, nodding in understanding, and chortling with delight.

Read it while the comment sections are empty: sooner or later, somebody will be along to argue details, or whine that they don't like the animal in the picture because it ate their geraniums, or try to entice you away with unwanted Youtube links. Ignore them and read us. We did the work here. Be the first to leave a cogent comment, and show the rest of them how it's done.

So, while the pages are pristine and beautiful, let us give you a run-down on some of the delights of this week's issue, and tell you why reading it will pull you out of the 2020 doldrums.
The Caboose Motel in Titusville, Pennsylvania by DG
  • Worlds to explore! Travel to the ecological past with Willem. Take a shore walk with Paigetheoracle. See the fields of Pennsylvania and England's green and pleasant land. Follow FWR to Nairobi, and find out why elephants are definitely the only ones who should be wearing that ivory.
  • Video selections to enjoy. We've got a lightning storm, a dirigible landing, and some ducks. What, the ducks aren't exotic enough for you? They'd be outraged. They're pretty feisty ducks.
  • Ongoing stories, and things to think about. Awix is back at the cinema. Our cartoonists take things a step further. I've got a few deep thoughts.
  • Nature to wonder at. Whether it's a bird in a tree, an insect on a flower, or a hedgehog ambling around under cover of darkness, it's there, it's interesting, and in the right light, it's probably cute. Let the photographers know you appreciate. Don't tell them about your geraniums.
  • Reflect on remembrance. Paigetheoracle starts us off by taking stock. (Autumn appears to come quickly in northern Scotland.) Send us your memory-related Stuff for the September challenge.
Send photos. We need to know the rest of the planet's still there, and not just a figment of our imaginations. And have a good week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: In a closely analogous way [to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle], the behaviour of the higher animals, especially the higher mammals, is subject to an uncertainty principle which in terms of experimentation and observation we might call the Bogus Precision Principle.

– David Stenhouse, The Evolution of Intelligence

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Tableau of tripod bag, red shoes, empty dish, and small cat on a redwood bench, by DG.

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