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Pareidolia Theatre?

Hullo paige! This is very intruiging. Right now I'm at the title, Pareidolia Theatre. I wonder what that means? I've never heard this word before.

Oh! Pareidolia. (I'm checking an online dictinary) The tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image, in a random or ambiguous pattern.

How interesting! I just learned something! Now I'm going to get obsessed with Pareidolia Theatre. Did you coin that phrase? Like, the Theatre bit? I love it.

Now for the Theatre show itself ...

Back in a minute.

Pareidolia Theatre Show

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Oooh eh, having a fine time in the Theatre. heheh.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Actually I am never sure what that means. Its just that you said bird in the bush.

I do, in fact, see two images in the bush, but neither of them are birds.

On the left as you look at the picture, the larger greyish area of the piece of wood looks like the head of a big cat, there's an eye, a mouth.

And on the right, there's a brownish curled piece of the wood, it looks like a snake, or a big lizard, with its tongue out.

Where's the bird? Where's the bird? I must find the bird. Don't tell me it got eaten by the snakey big lizard.

Can you see either of these? Or am I definitely mad? smiley - rofl

This is one peculiar Pareidolia Theatre experience. I love it.

Encore! Encore!

Thanks for sharing, and teaching me new words into the bargain!

cc smiley - cheers

Pareidolia Theatre Show

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SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

It is an impressive Pareidolia Theatre Show smiley - magic

I can't see the cat that you can see cc, but I can see the bird. The bird's head in that section on the left - the eye is in the grey section, and then the sharp beak is the browner section to the left.

I also see the snake or lizard on the right, as well as the bird's body smiley - magic

Pareidolia Theatre Show

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Hullo Sasha! You've seen the bird?? Where's the bird? I want to see the bird.

smiley - coffee

You've seen the big lizard snake on the left?

So it exists then, but it didn't eat the bird.

smiley - coffee

Interesting philosophical questions could arise here, concerning the nature of existence in the Pareidolia Theatre.

Uh oh.. smiley - rofl

If one can see it in the picture, then it could be said that it does exist within the frame of the photo, to *those* who have seen it.

(heads off to check the photo, following Sasha's directions, intent on proving the existence of the bird) smiley - rofl

I'll let you know.

Pareidolia Theatre Show

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No luck so far.

I stare, I stare, into the soul of Pareidolia, questioning the nature of existence. smiley - rofl

Which is a highly recommended activity over morning coffee. smiley - coffee

What's happened with me is that the eye of the big cat has become the the eye of the big cat, and I have to let it go, in order to alter my perception.

I haven't even ventured to the tail area yet. smiley - rofl

Pareidolia Theatre Show

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I got the bird! I got the bird! From head to tail!

A big birdie blobbed contentedly in the bush, kind of like a comfortable pigeon? Yes!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder .. the eye!!

smiley - huh.. It's a different eye! The birdie eye is the corner of the mouth of the big cat. The big cat eye is above the birdie's head.

I like this Theatre. smiley - rofl

Pareidolia Theatre Show

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Glad you spotted it cactus. I thought the puzzle might be too prickly for you. To me it looks like a young (yellow beaked) sparrow, hiding in the undergrowth after falling out of the nest. I have heard the term but didn't know what it meant either (what a clever editor Dmitri is and educated (so he tells me)).

The UK's Fortean Times has a photo section based on this but they call it simulcra

Pareidolia Theatre Show

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Well spotted Sash, it struck a cord with me too when I saw the shape in the bush but only after I had taken the photograph. It is like modern art. Your first impression is what the hell is that meant to be? Then you get it -it's the Emperor's New Clothes syndrome (a con) at which point you smile benignly and move on

Pareidolia Theatre Show

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Morning paige!

Ah, yes, Ed would know the word. smiley - rofl He is a bit educated.

Cheeky wink.

A young yellow beaked sparrow, hiding in the undergrowth after falling out of the nest. I love that!

So, not a contented blobby pigeon then? Hmm.

S'cuse me, I need a meeting of the Pareidolia Theatre Existentialist Group. What exists and what doesn't?

Dear Group. No one can see the head of my big cat. Its eye is above the eye of the sparrow, (or pigeon), but the corner of its mouth is the eye of the sparrow (or pigeon). It is looking inwards, into the photo. Does it exist?? Do I exist? Am I a cactus? Should I charm the unbelievers with my pretty prickly persona?

hohoho smiley - rofl

Fortean Times! I subscribed to it in the 80s. Haven't read it in a while, but we still talk about Fortean strange deaths. People used to ask me what I read. I'd say the FT. They were briefly impressed, till I said Fortean, not Financial. smiley - rofl Can you still buy it in newsagents? I prefer paper magazines to online. (except for this one, smiley - thepost ahem..)

Have to check the simulcra. Although I'd sooner you posted another Pareidolia Theatre. Please?? So I can go on about it all week.

Pareidolia Theatre Show

Post 10

Caiman raptor elk - Yes, but what if the box is REALLY big?


Is the bird hiding behind Jabba the Hutt?

The meaning of the "Better one bird in the hand...." proverb is: Be happy with what you have right now, rather than long for what is out of reach.

Pareidolia Theatre Show

Post 11


No jabba in a hut or elsewhere, here.

Yes, FT still on sale in shops

Pareidolia Theatre Show

Post 12

SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

"The birdie eye is the corner of the mouth of the big cat. " - aha smiley - eureka I can now see the cat, too smiley - ok

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