Aspects of an entire Health Assessment

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An entire and holistic health assessment includes the:

health history

physical, mental, social and spiritual assessment

thought on laboratory and diagnostic test results

overview of other available health information.

First impressions

Assessment begins once you meet your patient. Possibly without being conscious of it, you are already noting such aspects his or her skin colour, speech patterns and the body position. Your education like a nurse provides you with the opportunity to organise and interpret this data. While you proceed to conduct the formal nursing assessment, you’ll collect data inside a more structured way. The findings you collect out of your assessment might be subjective or objective.

Group dynamics

When looking for the assessment data, you’ll begin to recognise significant points and get pertinent questions. You’ll most likely end up beginning to group related items of significant assessment data into clusters that provide you clues regarding your patient’s problem and prompt additional questions. For example, when the data advise a pattern of poor diet, you need to inquire that can help elicit the reason, for example:

Are you able to describe your appetite?

Would you eat most meals alone?

Have you got enough money to purchase food?

However, when the patient reports frequent nausea, you need to suspect this may be the reason for his poor diet. Therefore, you’d inquire to elicit more details relating to this symptom, for example:

Do you experience feeling nauseated after meals? Before you eat?

Do all of your medications upset your stomach?


The nursing history requires you to definitely collect details about a person’s:

biographical data

current emotional and physical complaints

past health background

past and current capability to perform activities of everyday living (ADLs)

accessibility to support systems, effectiveness of past coping patterns and perceived stressors

socioeconomic factors affecting preventive health practices and concordance with medical recommendations

spiritual and cultural practices, wishes or concerns

family patterns of illness.

Biographical data

Start your history by acquiring biographical data in the patient. Do that before beginning gathering information regarding his health. Ask the individual their name, address, phone number, date of birth, age, marital status, religion and nationality. Discover who the individual lives with and obtain the name and quantity of someone to contact in situation of the emergency. Also ask the individual regarding their healthcare, including the their doctor and then any other medical professionals or people from the interprofessional team they’ve connection with, for instance an bronchial asthma nurse specialist or social worker.

When the patient can’t give accurate information, request the a relative or friend who are able to. Always document the origin from the information you collect in addition to whether an interpreter was necessary and offer.

Current complaints

Look around the patient’s current complaints, ask the individual concerning the conditions which have introduced them into connection with the care team. Can there be an element of the health that’s concerning them or showing challenging? Patient complaints provide valuable data immediately. Whenever you explore these initial complaints, you might uncover crucial more information at

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