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I don’t know how I was brought up or if I was even born. I was just spawned in this...this white world. Nothing is visible. I don’t know if I am flying, or if I am falling, or not even moving at all. All I see is white. Then I see a line manifest itself into existence. I watch in curiosity as the line starts to look like something else. The line becomes a circle, and the circle has a rectangle below it.The rectangle has two lines below it and two lines above it. There are these weird things on the end of those lines. Then there is like...this one, both ends of the bottom lines. Then an upside down U on the circle, and two lines. It looked different. I watched something happen. The lines had lines on top of them. They acted like...eyelids. The U shape on the circle started to move as an “Oh, Hi there!” came out. I was scared at first, but then I watched as the lines moved. Did I just watch the creation of someone else? Was I created the same way?  

    I look down and see lines and shoe things on them, and then I see my arms. But..the hand is different. “Who are...whoo...hoo” At that moment, I heard myself speak for the first time. I didn think my voice had such a high pitch. Meanwhile, Whoever this person was sounded like a big, fat idiot. “Oh, your name is Hue? Well if you’re Hue, then I’m Jeff. Jeff, uh ...Just Jeff.” I knew it! This guy is a complete retard! My name guess it’s Hue for now because I don’t have any other name. I try to be as warm and friendly as I can. “Hey, Jeff, I’m Hue. Welcome to...Whatever this is.” There. “Whatever what is? I don’t see nothin’.” Don’t lose your temper, hue. The guy’s just an idiot. Suddenly, a line appears between the both of us. I can’t clearly tell if I have to deal with another idiot, or if something else is manifesting in our universe. The lines come together to make this...this thing. It’s a very long blade with a handle at the end....I’ll just call it a sword.  I take it by the handle. There is a few letters on here, HOW DO I EVEN KNOW HOW TO READ?! It said, Hue. I read the name. Does this mean there is more to this vast void of white? 


    I look around for anything with form. I turn around, and see a flat white rectangle with a circle and a slot on it. Curiously, I stick my sword in the slot, and twist the sword. The slot is turned sideways, and then, CLICK! I pull my sword outt with ease, and I see something behind the rectangle. I push it aside to see...oh no. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I fell through the rectangle. This is what Jeff sounded like. “WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” I felt like it was the end. Was I going to fall to my death? Was I going to die then and there? NO! I aim my sword downward, and energy was all around me, making me look real cool. I held the handle tightly, sword drawn, like I was going to cut through the belly of the beast, or through the very world itself! I see the ground, but my sword glows with more energy as I plummet downward. I then see multiple..fat rectangles...Rectangular prisms! That means, there are buildings down there! I see people down there looking up. And I see the ground again. Suddenly, KA-BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! I find myself lying next to my sword in a crater caused by the ...sword’s energy? Now it’s just a sword with my name on it half-stuck in the ground. People surround the crater, and they all look surprised. A little girl came down to me, and held out her hand, saying, “Are you okay, mister?” I lifted myself up onto my feet. 

    “I’m fine.” I pull the sword out of the ground with ease. I stick it behind my back, and SSHK! (slice) Big mistake! I think I just cut myself with my own sword! It stings so badly! I need help! Then, the sting wore down fairly quickly. I pull the sword out of my back and feel no pain. Then I stick it back in, still no pain. Did I cut some kind of slot  in myself and it healed like that? I just don’t know. The little girl asks, “Are you a hero?” I tell her, “No, I’m no hero. I come from a place you would not understand. A world where nothing exists and everything randomly appears.” Her face of wonder turned into a face of laughter. The little girl just laughs a little, and says “You sound funny, haha!” I then hear a different sound of excitement. Not from the little girl, but higher up. Then I realised, I forgot. The people look up to see a man fall from the sky. 

    It’s Jeff! He must’ve been falling slower than I have and is about to hit the ground! I hear him getting louder, and louder, and LOUDER! “eeeeeEE!” Here comes Jeff, and I have no way of catching him. I barely know him. In fact, I barely know anybody here. I think I’ll just let Jeff fall and hit the ground so he can shut up. I slip to the side so he just lands next to me. SPLAT! The voice stopped. Finally, silence. I look at Jeff’s body, only to see it intact. The arms begin to move to his sides as Jeff pushes himself up off the ground. He gets up and looks at me. I thought he was going to attack me for not saving him. Instead, I get a “THAT WAS FUN! CAN WE GO AGAIN?” 

Hearing that voice just makes me want to pull out my sword and slice his head off. Me and Jeff both step out of the crater and explore the city. Buildings everywhere, roads everywhere, people everywhere, I think I may be staying here. Maybe someone here could possibly hold the answers on why my sword glows with energy? How can I use that? Conveniently, I find a building that says “The Answer King: Here to Answer Life’s Biggest Questions” I walk in through the door. This time, I don’t fall into another universe, I go inside the building. I tell Jeff “Go outside with the people while I talk to the so called ‘Answer King’, okay?” Jeff nods, and says “OK.” He walks out and runs in the street. Something hits him, sending him flying. That’s one problem I don’t have to worry about. 

I walk further in and see a table with a few guys with flat rectangles in their hands. They have shapes on them, though. A clover, a heart, a small shovel, and a diamond. They wore triangles over their mouths so I can only see their eyes. I walk toward them and ask, “Any of you know the Answer King?” They all stood up, and they had some kind of pouch with something in it I never seen before. One with a black cowboy hat, HOW DO I KNOW WHAT EVERYTHING IS?! *ahem* One with a black cowboy hat stands up, and puts his hand on that something. “What’s your business with him?” I say, “I have a ques-” the cowboy interrupts. “You eyeballin’ mah gun, boi?” They all pull out their guns and point them at me. “Boys, whatta ya say we light ‘em up?” 

I now know they are hostile. I pull out my sword, and say “I guess you’re the bad guys! Bring it on!” BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! I swing my sword forward with the flat part once. I swing it the opposite direction. I quickly flip the blade and hold. I then see 2 tiny cones on the floor. “Alright, boys! This yellowbelly brought a sword to a gunfight! Hand me a gun!” I take it the cowboy is the LEADER!? And now he has two guns.All I have is a sword to defend myself with. I feel afraid and bend my knees a little, holding the sword tightly. The black hat cowboy laughs. “Boi, this ain’t no fair fight. I reckon you just leave that there sword and run outa here to where y’all came from.” I remember how my sword glowed when I was falling. I also remember the crater it left in the ground. I just need to figure out a way to recreate that, but on a smaller level. So I Swing my sword as I run at him. Two guns fire. BANG! BANG! I just kept swinging. One cone deflected, and the other- “OOOWWWW!” 

I see a hole in my left shoulder. I fall on my knees to hold it as red liquid gushes out of it. I use the sword to prop myself up and I back away slowly. I stop holding the hole as I see my sword glow a little, and the hole doesn’t hurt anymore. The hole was still there, but I wasn’t bleeding anymore. I run forward, arms stretched back, body forward, head down. BA-BANG! BANG! I swing my sword at the flying tiny cones. The sword glows brighter. I run forward and the cowboy leader. BANG! I feel a sharp pain behind me. I can feel a large amount of the red liquid coming out of it. It quickly stops bleeding, but the pain lasted longer as I kept running forward. “BA-BANG!” I deflect the cowboy’s bullets and leap onto the table, swinging my sword upward. I managed to slice his triangle on his face. Suddenly, POOF! The triangle falls to pieces and reveals a frown with stubble dots around it, and a small cut on the side of his mouth. He looked really angry. 

I looked forward to see a wall. I use my feet to kick off of it, launching myself into the air. My sword glows with more energy. I swing it at the cowboy leader’s head, scratching his hat barely. POOF! The hat turns to dust, revealing red, curly hair. BANG! A bullet misses completely! I land behind cowboy leader, perfect landing. I flip it to the flat end, and swing hard. First I thought it would knock him over. Then I saw the curly redhead smash into the wall, leaving cracks. He drops his guns. I turned around to see two men with their guns. Five more men rush in, but they wore black suits, white ties, and black fedoras. They wore blue triangles over their mouths. They too had guns, but theirs was different. It had more of a thick disc underneath and a handle in front of that disc. They fired their guns, but not at me. They shot the triangle faced guys. BOBOBOBOBOBOBOBOBANG! I saw the triangle faced guys covered in red liquid, moving no more. Then they saw me. 

My sword was glowing whiter, almost as I was falling. I spin my arm in circles with the sword, faster, faster, FASTER! The sword glows brighter as I spin it, then the energy starts crackling like electricity. I stop spinning it. The guys aim their guns at me. I reel my sword back, and swing it forward really quickly, screaming at the top of my lungs, “TEN THOUSAND SWORDSTROKE SLASH!!!” The sword explodes with that energy, but I gripped it tight. BOOOOOM!! The crackling intensifies as the raw energy from the sword is violently discharged. I hear gunfire. BOBOBOBOBOBOOM! BOBOBOOM! Not one bullet hits. My vision is blurred with a bright light as I watch the building get blasted. The floor breaks. The walls and ceiling crack. The gunfire stops, and the energy dimmed down. It didn’t go out completely, but it doesn’t crackle, or blind me. I then see five motionless bodies on the ground, with red liquid sprayed all over plus a trail of destruction left behind from the blast. “I guess I overdid it a little.”

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