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Posted: 20th April 2020

At a Safe Distance

Daisies by DG
In a dream I fancied

You were by my side.

While I gathered daisies…

Anita Owen, 'Daisies Won't Tell' (1908)

Like the songwriter, many of us dream of the time that we can be physically closer than we are. In the meantime, we keep our distance in order to defeat the invisible menace. We wash our hands, disinfect our deliveries, and try not to worry too much. Keep it up, friends: it's working. You can't shout viruses away, but you can limit their transmission while you encourage one another electronically, by mail…heck, by semaphore if it helps and it's a clear day. In the meantime, spring is here, sort of (we've had iffy weather in western Pennsylvania, no news there), and we've got nature to share.

In this issue, you will find goodies, such as the following:

  • Gardens, garden flowers, beautiful landscapes, wildflowers (lots of wildflowers!), and other wonders of nature, such as rhinos.
  • Kittycats. Lots of kittycats. Big ones, little ones, black-and-white ones.
  • Socially distancing cows.
  • Strange sights, including a possible Fortean phenomenon from France, as well as a gruesome accident report.
  • Daisies Won't Tell by DG
  • Fiction by Freewayriding: It's my fault, I mentioned were-lions. The story's great, so is the picture. Enjoy.
  • Poetry by Minorvogonpoet. Another look at grief. As Nanci Griffith sings, 'Love in a memory sparkles like diamonds…'
  • Black-and-white art photos. Appreciate, you philistines.
  • Humour (really!), cinema (when left to his own devices, Awix craves action flicks), me nattering about writing (yawn), a quiz.
  • Video kitties (what? More cats? Who would have thunk it?) Also a meditation video. The sky and the videographer observed safe social distancing.
  • Stuff to caption.

In short, lots of fun stuff. Remember to send more. And to tune in next week, when we'll have more nature and even weirder stories. Take care of yourselves! Remember to wash your hands and not touch your faces, and keep watching those old movies! (Write and tell us about them.)

Quote of the Week:
Magnet fishing is a sport that sounds like a lot more fun than torturing fish...

All you need is a strong magnet on a string...expect to find many discarded firearms in the vicinity of bridges as well as the occasional grenade, ax and knife...

Phred Firecloud, writing from Florida

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Be like the dandelion!
Observe safe spacing!
Social distancing=Staying hoopy!

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Hyacinths by Tavaron




A Hand by SashaQ


It's a Sign
Poetry Stone by Phred Firecloud
  • Video
  • Kittens on the loose.

  • Video
  • And all manner of thyng.

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