A Conversation for February 2020 Create Challenge: Stranger in a Familiar Land

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My photos are about this as Dmitri said in the introduction to this challenge. I feel like a stranger in a strange land at the best of times, so I have an advantage over most people.

Yes, yes, yes I no!

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However well you think you know your place, it changes and you have to learn your way round the new houses, shops or neighbourhoods. There is supposed to be a planning system but the ordinary people often feel nobody listens to them. So here's a poem of sorts about the process.


A white haired woman shakes her head.
'Our town should be bombed,” she said.

People flick through piles of coloured plates,
which show a block eleven storeys tall.
They talk of times gone past and state
the tower renders church and steeple small.

Roads are growing clogged with cars.
Unless better ways to travel are found
traffic will judder to a halt for hours,
discharging fumes to dirty clouds.

No place for folk to walk or cows to graze,
neglected fields replaced with grey cement.
They cross the land with dual carriageways
but talk of sustainable development.

Yes, yes, yes I no!

Post 3


Oh to live in Tokyo
A city so big
There's no room to grow.

People everywhere
Fill each moving space
With heartfelt love
But not much grace

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