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h2g2 Guide Editors

Hello Saint, and welcome to h2g2!

You can post whatever in Miscellaneous Chat A121096 , or ask a question in Askh2g2 A148907, or reply to someone else's question or post.

There are House Rules A87523211 but you're doing fine so far smiley - biggrin

You've already found you can write in your Journal and Write an Entry smiley - ok

You can click links on the Front Page to read other people's Entries and add comments on them.

We hope that helps you get started, but do let us know if you have any more questions - see you around!


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Sorry I was inactive all this time. I had a lot of things on my plate that needed to get done. I just posted a whole story today and I lost it. How did that happen?


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h2g2 Guide Editors


No problem - good to see you here again smiley - smiley

Sorry you lost your story - possibly something to do with the browser cache, so it pays to Save regularly... I see you managed to post a story eventually, though smiley - ok I will have a look at it now smiley - ok

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