Post Quiz: Grandparent Adventures

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Post Quiz: Grandparent Adventures

The Editor's grandfather was the only person he knew to have gone east by covered wagon. True story. What adventures did these grandparents bequeath their descendants? Multiple guess.

  1. Wild frontiersman (and Congressman) David Crockett's grandfather died by…
    • being hanged by the British.
    • being scalped by the Chickamauga.
    • being blown up in a home distillery explosion.
    • being eaten by a bear.
  2. During the New York City Draft Riots of 1863, Winston Churchill's grandfather…
    • sailed away on his yacht.
    • fortified his home and armed his domestic staff.
    • defended the New York Times office building with a Gatling gun.
    • helped PT Barnum evacuate elephants.
  3. Journalist Anderson Cooper's maternal grandmother, Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt, had a twin sister. His great-aunt was famous for being…
    • the first woman to reach the South Pole.
    • a famous fashion designer.
    • a novelist.
    • the mistress of the Prince of Wales.
  4. Asking Abraham Lincoln about his maternal grandmother was a touchy business because…
    • she was a famous British spy in the Revolution.
    • she was Native American.
    • she was rumoured to have had his mother out of wedlock.
    • she left his grandfather to become an actress.
  5. Austrian actor Christoph Waltz's maternal grandfather wrote a book called Sex, Perfection, and Marital Happiness. His name was…
    • Rudolf von Urbantschitsch.
    • Reinhold Hackendörfer.
    • Götz von Berlichingen.
    • Sigmund Freud.
  6. Stonewall Jackson, the famously eccentric Confederate general in the US Civil War, had a great-grandmother who was…
    • a landowner.
    • six feet tall.
    • a Revolutionary War fighter.
    • all of the above.
  7. Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, had a grandmother named…
    • Olga Constantinovna.
    • Alice Blue.
    • Gertrude Maisie.
    • Victoria Regina.
  8. US President Benjamin Harrison's grandfather was….
    • a preacher.
    • a patent-medicine salesman.
    • a polar explorer.
    • President of the United States.
  9. Boris Johnson's paternal great-grandfather was …
    • a fishmonger from the Isle of Wight.
    • a Moldavian prince.
    • a cabinet minister in the Ottoman Empire who was assassinated.
    • a music-hall singer from Bournemouth.
  10. Beyoncé's grandmother Agnèz was a locally famous…
    • political activist.
    • chef.
    • singer.
    • clothing designer.

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