Post Quiz: Classic Movie Quote Translator

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Post Quiz: Classic Movie Quote Translator

Do you like classic movies? Are you knowledgeable? These quotes have gotten garbled by some sesquipedalian critic. Sort them out. Come up with the real quote and the movie title.

  1. To be honest, darling, the matter is one of complete indifference to me: your concerns have been wafted away in a stiff breeze.
  2. Obviously I, the family spiritual advisor, will put forth a proposition that cannot possibly be objected to.
  3. My little canine friend, I'm getting the impression we are no longer located in the midwestern United States. Let's go and talk to the magician hereabouts.
  4. The chronometer indicates it is the proper occasion for my demise. Please stop dashing about with sharp objects and let me release this pigeon I'm holding.
  5. The glorious aroma of burning chemicals at dawn satisfies my desire to immanentise the eschaton.
  6. Hearken to the wolves, which have inexplicably arrived in Yorkshire. They are like idle-widdle puppies and music to my bat ears!
  7. A member of the decennial enumeration force once attempted to collect information from me. I consumed his hepatic organ with a side dish of vicia faba and a pleasant Italian vintage while listening in vain for the baaing of sheep.
  8. Activate the ivories, Shmuel. After all, we are in North Africa, and there's a war to forget.
  9. I am extremely angry, and have decided that this news medium is not going to impose on me any longer!
  10. You will definitely require a larger aquatic vehicle in order to pursue that ocean monster and symbol of our darkest fears.

Have a bit of fun with this one, and then click for the answers.

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