Post Quiz: h2g2's Infinite Improbability Drive – Answers

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Post Quiz: h2g2's Infinite Improbability Drive – Answers

SashaQ used the Infinite Improbability Drive to find 10 Entries and 10 fascinating factoids in each one. Did you find the 10 answers? Answers below.

  1. Horninduna is listed in the Domesday Book. What is its modern name?
  2. Which is the most widely spoken of the Celtic languages?
    • Welsh
  3. Poling is a small village in West Sussex in the UK. How many postboxes does it have?
    • Two
  4. The Death Star destroys the planet Alderaan in which Sci-Fi series?
    • Star Wars
  5. Which furry creatures were the must have Christmas toy of 1998??
  6. The earliest known maps date back to where and when?
    • Babylonia in 2300BC
  7. Nocturnal enuresis is commonly known as what?
  8. Which author visited Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania?
    • Charles Dickens
  9. Who were apparently the first people to come up with the idea of masking body odour by applying combinations of citrus oils and spices?
    • The Ancient Egyptians
  10. On 9 March, 1888, Sirenia, a big three-masted full-rigged 1,588-ton ship with an iron and steel hull, ran aground on which island?
    • The Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight Postal Museum by Bluebottle
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