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Posted: 8th July 2019

Very Midsummer Madness

Heavy Leslie Sunrise by FWR

Don't bogart that banana.

– Freewayriding

That's what he said when I played him this tune, which is part of the new 'Heavy Leslie Sunrise' album, available as usual at absolutely no charge at all on your Youtube by looking up the Dmitri Gheorgheni channel. The playlist is at this location because we cannot embed playlists. Here's a sample single for you (Pliny-embedded).

Be grateful. The truly hardcore Heavy Leslie headbanger will find the definitive 10-minute-42-second version of that monumental head trip on the album (read 'playlist'). At the h2g2 Post our motto is, 'If the heat makes it hard to think, why fight it? Click, tune in, and drop out.'

What to do while you're listening to all the music? Read the h2g2 Post, of course. We have even more excitement, adventure, and really wild things than usual. Just because it's summer doesn't mean we stop being weird.
Peony by Tavaron
  • We have nature in all its glory, from an Austrian garden to an African river. Some of the nature is in stark profile, as we continue the black-and-white challenge. There's even a wildlife video.
  • Speaking of black-and-white, some of the photographers seem to have become fixated on staircases. It may make you dizzy going up and down.
  • There's lots of humour: cartoons and comics abound. You are not going to believe what's going on in Bluebottle's dinosaur story. Meanwhile, Desideria negotiates, and SashaQ gets a pleasant surprise.
  • It's fiction time again: Paige starts a two-parter with some interesting aliens. Our old friend, the man we love to hate, Henry Letterbox himself, is back with a new horror of a horror movie. Let FWR tell you all about it. My tale has a cat in, and a Native American legend I just made up (lots of those going around). You may recognise some of the, er, 'references'. Please read and let us know what you think of the stories.
  • There are quizzes to mull over. Depending on how much you like cinema, you may find this week's Post Quiz easy, or hard. Of course, Awix will be along to keep us updated on current films (no Scrabble this week, but Beatles!).

Share and enjoy! Leave comments, send more of this wonderful Stuff, and have a great week! Remember your sun cream.

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