On Beyond Zebra

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On Beyond Zebra

Feed Your Head at the Cactus Cafe by Freewayriding
It's just not cool

You know it's not

To call a stripy equid

I bite my tongue,

Let it pass

On my high horse

You're the Ass!

And poor old Lofty

(His real name's Tony)

Two foot six

A Shetland Pony!

I'm being stubborn

Won't play the fool

No playful Plains,

They'll get a mule!

Won't take the bait

Won't take a bite

But everything's

Not black and white.

I'm not a specieist

Have friends with spots

Don't care if your pelt's

Filled with dots.

It's different here

With all those jibes

They just see different

Stay in tribes.

All treated fair, back home


Apart from Rainbow

Bloody Panda!
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