The Eastern Banana republic

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On the outer eastern rim of the galaxy there was a planet called Babanabona with primative banana based life form knowm as "bananas". One day whist on, routine delivery route, our 3rd delivery ship was hit by a space pebbel, it got jammed in the neuclear reactor, crashing the ship onto Babanabona relesing neuclear radiation into the atmosphere, forcing the bananas to evolve. After they evolved They learnt how to read on the HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and thus are one of the most literate and well read speices in the galaxy. Since they are so well read and also bananas they are the second best poets in the universe, sadly they are not versitile in speech. The best poet in the universe is Marshall Bruce Mathers III of Earth.

(Not to be confused with the clothing store)

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