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Multi-Realm Travel is a new way of manifesting destiny that was created near the end of the galactic federation's spoiled, planet building life. It was made by two earth scientists. The reason they did this is unknown, but there is a theory that states that authorities were very aware that what happened in that lab was very illegal, so what the scientists would do was hop into another realm for a second and waited and untill the police stopped ransacking their laboratory, there is another theory that states they made multi-realm travel to make money.  When big corperations heard about multi-realm travel they tried to get to the patent offices first and did, this is why the HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy is one of the only four places in the galaxy to say the creators were not the tech division of the Meaga-Gromphinis. The Guide is definitive, reality is frequently inaccurate. 

UPDATE: both of the theories are quite true.

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