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Only one Hell?

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Is there only one Hell? Could there be lots of individual Hells?smiley - devil

Only one Hell?

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

I thought hell was other people? smiley - huh

Only one Hell?

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smiley - rofl There must be more to the afterlife than this.

Check them wings, I just love those bat like devilish wings. They are just the best wings ever. I want wings like that, difficult to accommodate under the winter coat.

Mind you, one doesn't wear a winter coat in hell. Whichever hell. 'E's a bit hot down there.

And love the way the page is all orangey hell like, and dialogue being hand written. You are a graphic novel natural.

Only one Hell?

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Heh heh thanks for the comments folks! In my comic world there was actually a whole sequence of hells, starting WAY back when humanity first started thinking about ethics, about right and wrong. HOW we conceived of these, made a huge difference as to what would be considered 'sins' and as to how pardonable or punishable those were. As humanity evolved, so hell evolved … older hells are still there but they're now sorta like forgotten websites. They never actually end but there's not really anything happening in them any more … diehard demons hang around them but even the most doomed souls slowly evaporate out of them.

Only one Hell?

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Cactuscafé, glad you like! Please hang round, lots of stuff to come in this comic.

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