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Fascinating plants

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These are fascinating and beautiful plants. smiley - smiley

What happens to the samples and descriptions you collect? Not far from where I live in the UK there is a Millenium seed bank, which is trying to preserve seeds from as many plants as possible. Do you have something similar?

Fascinating plants

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Elektragheorgheni -Please read 'The Post'

Lovely and extremely adaptable finds, Willem. It is remarkable how many ecological niches there are in such close proximity! What a wonderful botanical safari! Thank you so much for sharing these with us.

Fascinating plants

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Wonderful trip thanks for shearing, excellent article about beautiful countryside.
The photographs are excellent, already looking forward to your next article.
Happy Christmas

Fascinating plants

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Hello folks! Glad you like this. More coming for sure!

Minorvogonpoet, the specimens go into herbaria, most particularly, the one at the University of Limpopo of which Bronwyn is the curator, and the Buffelskloof Nature Reserve herbarium which is curated by our friend Barbara. These samples don't include seeds so far. We have several companies here collecting and storing seeds from our native plants, and I'm sure many of ours already have found their way to the Millennium Seed Bank. Myself, I gather quite a bit of seeds from the wild but I generally try to grow them and then take care of the living plants. I'll find out about seed storage projects over here ...

Fascinating plants

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SashaQ - happysad

Fascinating plants indeed - particularly good to see the Streptocarpus in nature. There is a streptocarpus expert who lives near me, so I have kept some as houseplants over the years - he specialises in hybrids with the large leaves and also large purple flowers, but for a while I also had one of the unhybridised type with large purple flowers but small leaves.

Fascinating to see the Zantedeschias in nature, too, as some of them are sometimes houseplants here - that yellow flower is particularly stunning smiley - biggrin

Fascinating plants

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Hello SashaQ! I reckon most if not all of the streptocarpuses in cultivation derive from South Africa, we have lots of species here, and I've seen several myself. I really prefer them wild, I've seen some amazing ones already!

Those zanthedeschias, flowering en masse up amidst the rocks in the mountains, are an incredible spectacle.

Fascinating plants

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Gorgeous work as always, Willem. I love lerv lerv the yellow flower, I've seen it in a previous dream life. I have? I have. Perhaps. Maybe. Its kind of magic the way the plant name comes up when I put the cursor over it. Huh? OK OK I've been away from my laptop for a while. smiley - rofl

Fascinating plants

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Hello Cactuscafe! It's great to see you round here again! I am happy you lerv that flower, so do I! For me it's always best to see these flowers in the wild in the midst of spectacular scenery and lots of other beautiful natural things!

Fascinating plants

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Hullo Willem! smiley - kiss.

Yes, flowers in the wild, in their natural environment. Like wallflowers with their gorgeous scent. My Dad grew them in his garden, and they were lovely in flowerbeds, very velvety, but I remember the first time I saw them growing wild, out of a wall!

Ah that was very amazing. I wonder do the wild ones smell the same? I should have climbed the wall to find out. Perhaps I will if I see them again. Better not fall off though. smiley - seniorsmiley - rofl Splat. One can only pay a certain price for curiosity.

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