The Most Inspiring Best Man Speeches from 2018 Weddings

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Wedding is an important day not only in the life of the newlyweds, but also for all participants of this significant event. Guests must comply with certain etiquette, choose the right festive attire. Women should take care of beautiful makeup and wedding hairstyle. However, the preparation for the wedding does not end there. Each invited guest has a duty to congratulate the newly-made family on their holiday, and you need to choose right and accurate words for this. Congratulations on the wedding should be sincere and especially pleasant for the bride and the groom.

Many people are not prepared to congratulate the newlyweds. However, if you want the improvisation to be really successful, you should have certain skills and be talkative. Therefore, most of us should think ahead, what kind of congratulations we will say on the wedding.

Congratulations on the wedding: how to choose the right words.

Wedding greetings can be either funny or serious and touching. In any case, they must come from the bottom of your heart. It will be best if the wishes are said without prepared phrases or special poems at If you find it difficult to express your thoughts at such a special moment, you should get ready for it in advance. Our article contains useful recommendations and examples of the best wedding greetings that you can use to create your original congratulatory speech.

Beautiful wedding greetings in prose

Congratulations in prose are the easiest way to express your thoughts and wishes to the newlyweds. They can be quite short and simple, but accommodate everything you want to say:

“You will remember this day for a long time, because you have created a new happy family. I wish from the bottom of my heart that your Union will be strong, reliable and durable. I want your family hearth to burn brightly and confidently even in the most difficult situations.  I wish you love, understanding and many years of life together!”

Congratulations of a sister or any other close person may include some family history. It should not be too long in order not to make bored. You can make a similar congratulation for a friend.

Congratulations from parents are one of the most touching moments of the holiday. Both father and mother are usually worried, so it is not easy for them to choose the right words. However, you shouldn’t worry. The love of parents is always understandable without superfluous words. It is not surprising that parents’ congratulations to the newlyweds make not only the bride and the groom but also all the guests cry.

wedding wishes and toasts

Wedding wishes have long been a separate form of verbal art. Fans of bright congratulations often compete for the best toast or the brightest congratulations. If you are an amateur in this art, we advise you to pay attention to several important points.

When you use ready-made congratulations for the wedding, try to change them a little bit making them suitable for specific people. If you at least partially speak with your own words, the wishes will be more original and interesting.

Avoid too long sentences and florid phrases. People are usually not ready to perceive complex structures on wedding parties, so your thought may be simply not understood.

Make sure that the congratulations on the wedding took no more than 1-3 minutes. As experience shows, this time is enough to say all the most important things and constantly attract the attention of guests.

If the wedding is big and not all guests know each other, you should be sure to introduce yourself before you say congratulations to the newlyweds.

You should pay attention to both the bride and the groom in your congratulation. This rule applies even if you only know one person in a couple. If you only mention the groom or only the bride, it might look a little awkward.

Observe the limits of decency. Even if you have been friends since school, you shouldn’t tell the public the history of your youth. Juicy details and suggestive moments should be expressed during your personal meetings.

Try to be as sincere as possible, even if in an exciting moment can make you cry.

It is not necessary to congratulate the newlyweds during the feast or directly on the stage. If you are a shy person and you find it difficult to give public speeches, congratulate the bride and the groom in a more intimate setting, for example, during a break for dancing.

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