Post Quiz: Writing Spies

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Post Quiz: Writing Spies

The professions of writer and spy: do they go together? Answer these questions about famous writer/spies.

  1. This writer/spy traveled as far as Italy on missions for his king, who moved him 'for to seken straunge strondes'.
  2. He was the real 'our man in Havana' and worked for MI6.
  3. He wrote Ashenden: Or the British Agent, but he was one, too.
  4. He trained in the Code and Cypher School before the Second World War, along with Alan Turing. He would have been a whiz if the code had been in Elvish.
  5. Nixon said this CIA-trained agent knew 'too damn much'. He won an award for his novel writing.
  6. As a writer, he invented the world's most glamorous spy. As a spy, he collected intelligence on the Germans, not Goldfinger.
  7. This spy-writer-pilot slept with suspicious women – for professional reasons, of course. There is no word on whether he told them about the chocolate factory.
  8. Did he or didn't he? Modern authors allege that the sun also rose on this writer as he spied for the KGB. Allegedly, the Russians didn't think much of his intelligence.
  9. He came in from the cold, possibly in a small town in Germany. His bestselling spy novels were based on real knowledge.
  10. This spy used his work at the Paris Review as a cover while he spied for CIA. Ooh, la, la.

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