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SQ NaJo 2018 8: Woodpigeons

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SashaQ - happysad

I see there is an Entry on A19032789 Collared Doves in the Edited Guide. I used to see (and hear) quite a few of them but these days I see many more Woodpigeons instead.

Woodpigeons (Columba palumbus) are large pigeons with a distinctive white band on their necks and a cooing call. They can be a pest on farmland as they are very partial to crops such as wheat, peas and cabbages but they also eat berries and insects.

The RSPB estimates there are 10 million Woodpigeons around the UK. They have been known to breed at any time of the year, and usually have two or three clutches of eggs each year. Males and females share the duty of looking after the eggs for about 17 days until they hatch, and of feeding the chicks. The squabs can fly after about a month. Juvenile birds develop grey plumage and pinkish breast feathers, but don't have a white collar until they become adults. The oldest known Woodpigeon was around 17 years old.

SQ NaJo 2018 8: Woodpigeons

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Amy Pawloski, aka 'paper lady'--'Mufflewhump'?!? click here to find out... (ACE)

And then, of course, there's our Woodpigeon U30129 who is definitely older than 17--I met him!smiley - silly

SQ NaJo 2018 8: Woodpigeons

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SashaQ - happysad

smiley - laughsmiley - ok

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SQ NaJo 2018 8: Woodpigeons

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