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Amy Pawloski, aka 'paper lady'--'Mufflewhump'?!? click here to find out... (ACE)

After Amarillo, left the direct route to Tennessee to head south for a micromeet*. PaperKid and I got to re-meet GTBacchus (see A3639972 ), though PaperKid didn't remember him, as she'd still been PaperBaby at the time, and only 20 months old. All of us got to meet Mrs. Bacchus (executive decision here, so I hope she doesn't mind...) and their adorable little girl. We met at their house, chatted a bit, and headed over to a playground with a water play area (so of course, the girls had to change into their bathing suits). After an hour or 2, we headed back to the Bacchus house so that people could change into dry clothes and headed into Denton to go to LSA Burger Co http://www.lsaburger.com/ for dinner. It was rather busy, so we checked out Atomic Candy http://www.atomic-candy.com/ (which is very, very smiley - cool) while we waited for a table large enough for 8. We had a wonderful time. Since we had a toddler with us, we had to end the night early. So we bade the Bacchuses goodnight and headed back to our motel, where we were staying for an extra (planned!) night.

*If it weren't for truck delays... It would've been a larger micromeet, but we ended up in the Dallas/Fort Worth area on Lentilla's husband's birthday...

Amy P's 2018 NaJoPoMo-22

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Amy P's 2018 NaJoPoMo-22

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