Suzie Q Meets Little Green People: Madrid, Part 1

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Suzie Q Meets Little Green People: Madrid, Part 1

Little Man and His Dog

Superfrenchie's email starts promisingly….and then goes downhill quickly:

As promised... Suzie Q is back from her holidays!

Madrid has inclusive little green people at the pedestrians' crossings!

I didn't manage to get the two little gentlemen, and honestly didn't bother to get the lone gentleman, as he's the generic one.

But here are the two ladies (both the green AND the red!), the lone lady (green and red too), and the little man with his dog.

Note that the little man with his dog has a caption included: "Madrid no abandona".
Pedestrian lights in MadridPedestrian lights in Madrid
Pedestrian lights in MadridPedestrian lights in Madrid

We're very pleased with these informative photos. But didn't we say last week, 'Don't take pictures while in the zebra crossings'?

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